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Welcome to Aerostar


AEROSTAR LTD. provides engineering and logistic solutions for the industrial and aviation industries.

The company imports and markets:

  • Parts and components for aircraft and jet engines.
  • Hardware for the aviation industry.
  • Standard accessories and tooling components for industrial machines.
  • Raw materials for the aviation industry.
  • Standard and customized titanium baskets, racks, disks, expanded metals and more for the coating and chemical industries.
  • Stainless steel decorative sheets for unique architectural design and the elevator industry.
  • Various tools including pneumatic and electric.
  • Chemicals from world-renowned manufacturers.
  • The company holds an extensive inventory of hardware FAA Aviation certified with manufacturer certification. We operate weekly shipments to Israel to ensure quick delivery of high quality items.

AEROSTAR LTD. is AS9120A and ISO 9001:2008 certified by the Israel Standards Institute and meets stringent quality assurance standards.

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GN 509.4 24 February, 2013
מוצר חדש מבית גנטר אלסה GN 509.4 כדור מיסבי לשינוע
GN340.5 20 December, 2012
רגלית מפלדת אל חלד בריפוד גומי לבן
New Hinges with built-in safety switch CFSQ 9 December, 2012
New Hinges with built-in safety switch CFSQ- cheaper and more adjustable then before
מפרט טכני - GN300.4 22 November, 2012
ידית מתכוננת להידוק עם דיסקית הגנה.
PANEL SUPPORT CLAMP 21 November, 2012
מורכב מאלמנטים להרכבה מהירה ובטוחה של פנלי הגנה, ללא צורך בקידוח.
דף טכני- panel support clamp 21 November, 2012